The foundation of the brand goes back to 2016 when we first created the name Yokai Sqaud. It represented a group of friends who often roamed the night streets of Bratislava together. When the idea to create a clothing brand came about, we changed the name to Yokai Club and, gradually, also the people who are behind the brand to this day came together.

The name Yokai Club is made up of the Japanese word “yokai” (demon, spirit) and the English word “club”. It materializes all our bad qualities that people usually try to hide under a mask. Then, after work or school, when they dispose of it at home, they reveal their true self, a face of a demon displayed in our logo.

Our shared intention is to allow each individual to freely display his or her dark sides and be accepted by society. We are not perfect ourselves and we don’t always behave morally. We don’t judge anyone based on their appearance and we strive for mutual respect in spite of our imperfections. In creating clothing, we don’t concentrate just on its aesthetic form but also on its functionality and on conveying a deeper meaning through our items. We value quality over quantity which is why we don’t put out new clothes too often and in large quantities.