Yōkai is a Japanese term meaning demon or spirit. Yokai Club, as a platform, encompasses several
artistic elements. All its members are connected through a common ideology and lifestyle. We strive to
represent our values, desires, interests, attitudes and opinions. Our shared intention is to allow each
individual to freely display his or her dark sides and be accepted by society.

People often try to hide their real identity by putting on masks and then disposing of them at home to
reveal their true self. Under this mask resides a demon that every one of us possesses, in one form or
another, and whose face is symbolically portrayed in our logo.

Our main objective is to provide space for self-expression to all the artists who identify with our
ideology, lifestyle and art. As an artistic movement we want to bring a new perspective on creating art in
Slovakia and at the same time present people with art forms that do not get that much attention in our
part of the world.