Clothes speak when you’re silent. That’s the idea behind the project of our artistic platform, aimed at emphasizing the importance of clothing to the public presentation of the individual and their style. Since its inception, Yokai Club supports the idea of ​​a unique representation of any individual and accepting the differences of others. We decided to express these values ​​in the project “Clothes speak when you’re silent”, which emphasizes that we can express our personality, thoughts, emotions and beliefs without a single word through clothes. That’s why clothes “speak” for us. Whether consciously or not, we form opinions about each other based on clothes. With this project, we also want to tell people not to limit their creativity in creating outfits that are largely a reflection of our everyday emotions. At Yokai Club, we also try to point out that accepting human imperfections and darker sides can bring complete freedom of expression and we consider clothing to be one of the most basic elements of human self-presentation. “Clothes speak when you’re silent” is both about the importance of dressing freely and of accepting the clothes others decide to wear. We consider the spread of this idea in our region to be essential for the discrimination in clothing to stop completely because it no longer should have a place in our society.