By: David Hangonyi

The publication of the Spanish artist and curator Joan Fontcuberta, Pandora‘s Camera, transforms Decart’s famous quote from: “I think, therefore I am.” to: “I photograph, therefore I am.” Photography no longer only provides the world with information, but also actively participates in its formation. The very act of taking a photograph is a routine and mundane activity that we are constantly obsessed with. The act of holding any camera became a form of affirmation of one’s own presence.

In my work I analyze and further expand the affirmation of presence through the act of taking a photograph based on the principle of “framing” reality through the apparatus and my own vision.

-273. 15 examines and presents the external and internal reality of the individual by using the transparency and contradiction of the positive and negative image of perpetuated (“frozen”) reality, thus extending Fontcruberta’s quote to: “I do photograph what I am.”