I’m a self-taught 3D artist who is fascinated and inspired by the mysteries of the oceans and seas. Since we know that the underwater world covers 75% of our world, however only 5% is discovered. I am trying to show people that they have to look deeper inside and around them to see the connection between everything. We are in the Age of Aquarius. New water will be poured that might have an exciting impact on communication among people and may even prove to be an opportunity to understand one another better. My style somewhat reflects metamorphic aliens in a hardcore way; since these things are a bit mystic, sometimes it’s hard to tell what it is indeed. I am drawing a line between anthropomorphic humans and underwater creatures. I can’t always determine how my work will look from the outside because it just comes from a recently discovered feeling. As I said, I will always be on the journey to find the deep ocean inside me and the others. From a young age, I was shaping my style, but with every new project, I try to experiment, innovate and evolve. I’m always trying to express something new and provide space to discover and understand the unknown.

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